Jack LaValley was born in Plattsburgh, New York, and grew up in a two-parent household along with five sisters and one brother. Recognizing the complex relationship challenges confronting women and men in the 21st century, Jack founded true4ever to help singles and couples learn how to apply the Law of Love and achieve success in life and love. Jack's work at true4ever integrates decades of spiritual practice with insights gained during his five years working with an international spiritual community, and over thirty years of successful married life.

In his current work, Jack is helping to articulate a relational spirituality which illuminates how the power of man/woman balance is the key to individual wholeness and healthy societies. When not directly involved in promoting successful relationships, Jack enjoys playing drums in a rock band and performing songs from Broadway musicals. He likes participating in philosophical discussion groups, meditation and vigorous physical exercise. Jack lives in Irvington, New York, with his wife, Wha ja. They are the proud parents of three grown children.